Speech Therapy

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Speech problems can arise at any age. At our Centre we offer dedicated and qualified speech therapists.

In childhood delayed speech and language development, stammering, stuttering, articulation disorders etc are common speech problems. These are assessed and appropriate therapy is given. Patients may require repeated sessions for optimal outcomes.
Teenage boys sometimes have problems with the change in their speaking voice – a situation called Puberophonia. This is treated with Speech Therapy sessions.

In professionals hoarseness may sometimes occur due to vocal overuse or misuse. This commonly happens in Teachers, Lecturers etc. in this instance, apart from medication, relaxation techniques are taught.

Elderly persons have various kinds of speech problems, including weakness arising out of vocal cord paresis or paralysis. They are treated with vocal strengthening exercises.

The ENT Specialist and the Speech Therapist work together to get you the best result possible.