Harre Lal

Really A big thanks to Dr Bharadwaj!! From my very childhood me and my parents were literally perturbed about my left ear, there was a serious mess in my left ear further I had pain in my left ear too with some discharge from it.I paid visit to too many doctors of my hometown and also in Delhi but was unable to get the desired ravishment got my ear operated firstly 7 years ago but the problem occurred again after 4 years, everyone was so tensed about it.But it was no later that my elder brother got to know about Dr Bharadwaj through internet and advised me to consult to him. We were really astonished by his way of working (fearlessly) and the traction residing within him is really capitative does everything swiftly so do my operation. My operation was a major success and got no problem after he maneuvered his skills on my ear. He’s really a great doctor worth appreciating and being on a top doctor list.
~ Mrinal  ????