Vaccines Have Arrived- Will You Take One?

corona vaccine

Within a year of the onset of a new infectious disease (Covid-19), a disease that knocked the world off its feet, a Vaccine has been made available. This is unprecedented in the history of vaccine manufacturing. The speed is astonishing.

Rapid advancement in gene sequencing, identifying immune response triggers (and purifying them to test on animals) have enabled us to fast track vaccine development.

“Various technology breakthroughs along with the use of computational models and AI have helped shrink these steps to weeks if not days (Moderna vaccine candidate was developed within 2 days of the publishing of the virus structure!!!).” – Mr. Rajneesh Bhandari- Alumnus IIT Delhi.

As the world begins its Vaccination program we have been dismayed at the rising trend of ‘Vaccine Scepticism’ led by the Anti Vaxxers.

There are two facts that are fairly certain 

  • the vaccine is not fully safe (that is some persons will have side effects)
  • the vaccine is not fully effective (that is it will not protect everyone who gets it)

One of Allopathy’s primary objections against Homeopathy and other alternative medical streams is regarding their oft-repeated claim that their medicines ‘have no side effects’.

Logic will have us believe that anything that has an effect will have a side effect. They are two sides of the same coin.

The Corona Virus is highly transmissible. It transfers itself from a human host to another susceptible host. The only way to prevent transmission is when an adequate number of humans have immunity and virus transmission stops – the concept of ‘herd immunity’. Roughly more than 70 % of the community should have antibodies to achieve this state. Many community Sero surveillance results show us that antibody prevalence even in so-called ‘red zones’ is nowhere near these numbers. A large percentage of the population is still at risk of contracting this terrible disease.

The quickest way to get herd immunity is by a vaccine. 

There is no hidden agenda; no conspiracy theory should be allowed to corrupt our thinking into refusing to take a vaccine that the Government recommends – after it has gone through the regulatory authorization protocols.

Governments and large multinational companies have their reputations and political and financial future at stake if they push through anything against the common interest of the people.

Finally, the reasons you should take the Government approved vaccine when it is offered to you-

  • It will keep you safe
  • it will keep your family members including the elderly at home safe
  • it will help the community to develop herd immunity
  • you will be able to travel freely – a vaccine certificate will work as a travel passport. It is possible international travel will not be possible in the absence of a vaccine certificate.
  • Social gatherings will become possible again and life will begin to go back to normal.

My final request to you all – unless there is a medical contraindication, please take your vaccine shot when the call comes for you. 

Make the world safe again.

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